Why Phil Foden fits in at City

Despite coming off the bench in the 89th minute in the Manchester derby 18-year-old Phil Foden fitted in seamlessly. Shortly after City had scored perhaps the best team goal of the season so far – including a symphony of 44 synchronised passes – Foden came on, slotted in, continued the continuity and looked every bit an England player. Just to illustrate the gulf in telepathic teamwork between City and United Foden made more passes (7) than Lukaku (3)

No devil, no goals for Reds

‘United struggled to keep the ball’ said Owen Hargreaves.

‘No cohesion in central midfield’ said Rio Ferdinand and ‘even against an ageing back 4 – with Chiellini (34) marking Lukaku (25) – United’s attack never flowed: Lukaku to Rashford… oh, falling over his feet’.

‘Men against boys’ said Martin Keown.

Wins for the top and bottom teams…

When Victor Camarasa put Harris through for the 4th goal the applause from the Cardiff City crowd was deafening as the home fans realised this was definitely going to be a win: their first Premier league win of the season and a sign perhaps that they could yet confound the critics and avoid relegation. Pivotal to the victory was the central midfield pairing of Iceland captain Aron Gunnarsson and Camarasa.