November 2016

The deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio steps forward this month; with the intuitive Sun joining logical Mercury in this most powerful of signs – co-ruled as it is by fearless Mars and Lord of the underworld Pluto – it prompts some soul searching.

October 2016

October brings the Sun and the giant planet Jupiter together in the sign of style and fair play Libra. This positively energetic duo will inspire players and coaches alike to strive for balance, cohesion and quick one-twos to undo the opposition; indeed there will be a victory for style over substance for beauty over hard graft.

September 2016

As the Sun continues his cosmic journey through diligent hard working attention-to-detail Virgo we are reminded of the need to refine, define and accomplish, we are impelled to learn new techniques and acquire new skills, in short: be the best you can be. No coincidence that the school and college year re-starts in September.