September 2016

As the Sun continues his cosmic journey through diligent hard working attention-to-detail Virgo we are reminded of the need to refine, define and accomplish, we are impelled to learn new techniques and acquire new skills, in short: be the best you can be. No coincidence that the school and college year re-starts in September.

August 2016

August brings the conquering lion, Leo, onto the cosmic pitch heralding a golden and creative summer! Although this is traditionally the holiday month – a time to relax and for re-creation – the Leo new moon on the 2nd kicks off with a glut of goal-getting visions for the new season.

July 2016

War-like Mars is in deep and meaningful Scorpio all month: on the plus side, giving you all the energy and drive you need to make sweeping changes in your world – nothing superficial satisfies – but on the other hand take care not to turn everybody else’s world upside down! The new moon in Cancer on the 4th highlights new beginnings, change and breakthroughs.