November 2018

The emotive Scorpio Sun is in harmonious alignment with mystical Neptune at the start of November promising exciting encounters, new friendships and/or passionate romance. Winged Mercury, the inspirer of ideas and facilitator of good communication, flies into idealistic Sagittarius activating any latent desires to further understanding of yourself, the world and how best to relate to it. However, Mercury is heading for another retrograde phase on the 17th – a time traditionally associated with miscommunication so be sure to get your important

October 2018

October brings some balance to the year’s proceedings. It is a month when it is easier to see both sides of the story and make compromises. It is a time when extremes are balanced out, when the pendulum swings the other way. Libra is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and harmony in her most attractive aspect. She is a powerful symbol of magnetic attraction: so during October you are likely to attract what you focus your attention on – so be particularly careful what you wish for.

September 2018

As the drama of fun-loving Leo ends so, also, the holiday season comes to a close and we turn our attention to more serious stuff, studies and practicalities, presented by that most down-to-earth sign Virgo. As the themes of the seasons and signs unfold rhythmically – phases of expansion and adventure followed by restriction and duty then holidays and play – we come back to school, college and places where we can further develop our skills and understanding. All aided by energetic Mars who displays his more relentless