February 2019

February really gets underway on the 4th with some powerful new moon energy coming to us from the individualistic and paradoxically team spirited constellation of Aquarius. This eccentric and humanitarian Aquarian moon urges us all to think for ourselves and be independent individuals but with a social conscience:

January 2019

The New Year kicks off with a close alignment of the Sun with the cosmic Teacher, Saturn, in the down-to-earth pragmatic sign of Capricorn sounding a very serious note to the year ahead. Saturn resonates with personal and collective responsibility, respect for individual rights, tolerance and accountability. Capricorn is concerned with structures, hierarchies, authority, control and mastery. Big business, big football clubs, and big Government are all closely associated

December 2018

December kicks off with a dynamic and optimistic connection between the Sagittarian Sun and adventurous bringer-of-abundance Jupiter, this cosmic alignment is ideal for encouraging team work and socialising on a grand scale: perfect for the run-in to Xmas and the party season. Daredevil Mars and visionary Neptune