September 2018

As the drama of fun-loving Leo ends so, also, the holiday season comes to a close and we turn our attention to more serious stuff, studies and practicalities, presented by that most down-to-earth sign Virgo. As the themes of the seasons and signs unfold rhythmically – phases of expansion and adventure followed by restriction and duty then holidays and play – we come back to school, college and places where we can further develop our skills and understanding. All aided by energetic Mars who displays his more relentless

August 2018

August showcases dramatic Leo, the Sun’s own radiant sign. Time to put yourself in the golden spotlight this summer! Although, traditionally, August is the holiday month – the World Cup is over and the new season has barely started – it is also the time in the cosmic cycle when creativity and fun are the order of the day.

July 2018

Warrior Mars goes retrograde this month (i.e. appears to go backwards in the sky – in his case, retreating) symbolically telling us that the time to attack, to conquer/achieve, is over at least for a while. Of course we are free to disregard the signs and symbols and carry on regardless, to go against the flow so to speak, but expect unexpected obstacles and setbacks with little or no reward for your best efforts. Retro Mars however