February 2018

There is a great deal of Aquarian energy about this month inviting everyone to join in with the eccentric sun sign Aquarians and be your extra-curricular self regardless of peer pressure – providing of course that you strive to live up to the Aquarian ‘ideal’ of sister/brotherhood with all life forms.

January 2018

For the first time in 30 years Old Father Time, Saturn – the planet of social responsibility, duty and self-discipline – starts the year in Capricorn. Having completed a full cycle around the zodiac, his journey is symbolic of everyone’s journey – to understand themselves and then have the courage and integrity to be themselves. Earth sign Capricorn’s primary theme is self mastery –

December 2017

Fiery adventurer Sagittarius is in the limelight in December as the festive season begins and the year draws to a close. Venus, lover of the beautiful game, is also in Sagittarius until Christmas adding to the general spirit of togetherness and optimism. Whilst dynamic Mars, the cosmic mover and shaker, shifts gear – moving from peaceable Libra to wilful Scorpio on the 9th. This change