December 2017

Fiery adventurer Sagittarius is in the limelight in December as the festive season begins and the year draws to a close. Venus, lover of the beautiful game, is also in Sagittarius until Christmas adding to the general spirit of togetherness and optimism. Whilst dynamic Mars, the cosmic mover and shaker, shifts gear – moving from peaceable Libra to wilful Scorpio on the 9th. This change

November 2017

November brings the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio under the microscope, co-ruled by the warrior Mars and powerful Pluto it can be an intense time for soul-searching and getting to grips with the shadowy side of life; Bonfire night is a social/cosmic invitation to symbolically burn all the bad habits and anything else in your life that has outlived its purpose and needs replacing with a vision of your ideals. Mercury, the Thinker, moves into visionary Sagittarius on the 6th to give your creative ideas wings and the