May 2018

Expect the unexpected in May as the planet of revolution and Cup upsets – Uranus – moves into Taurus on the15th and stays there for the next seven years. This marks the beginning of global transformation in every arena. Taurus is a down-to- earth pragmatic sign preferring the status quo – Taureans don’t like change – but change is coming:

April 2018

Warrior Mars, the footballers’ planet, kicks off the month in alignment with wise old down-to-earth Saturn; reaffirming Roy Keane’s mantra ‘Fail to Prepare, prepare to fail’. There are no shortcuts to success when Saturn’s rays are around. Put in the hard work, perfect your technique, connect with key colleagues in the morphic field and you will have results on the football

March 2018

March sees the mystical sign of Pisces drift into vision. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, draws the curtain across the astrological year; a time for all to pause and reflect on what went right and what could have gone better. Whether you are a Pisces or not you